The selection of Jumpers, also known as inflatable castles that we have for rentals is very varied. With simple models and others with more obstacles and options available. 
It is very important to us provide you the best service, that you take the time to measure the area that you are going to designate for the jumper and in this way be able to give you the product that can be adapted to the place.
Please have the area ready and clean to be able to install and start inflating the bounce house so that you can start enjoying it immediately.

Redwood City Parks and Recreation

Something very important is to be aware of the rules that the different parks in the bay area have, each park has strict rules for the use of this equipment and other parks do not accept them at all.
If your party is going to be in the Redwood City area, take a moment to read the rules that the city has in place at Mezes Park, Marlin Park and Red Morton Park.